September 24th, 2005

Online RPGs

Both RPGs and Online games are something I sort of missed.

I stopped playing RPGs when Magic came out because that became all anyone wanted to play. My reasons for hating Magic could fill a whole different post so I won’t get into that here. Online gaming was impossible for me because at the time there was only one computer in the house on the worst dial up connection one could find. Ever quest was not playable (got kicked ever 10 minuets) so I just gave up.

Now I have enough computers and bandwidth to run NASA and I need to play something. I tried City of Heroes (a friend gave it to me) and I honestly got bored with it real fast. The missions were the same thing over and over again and the only thing that made it fun for me was the interaction with other people in game.

I am looking for a good fantasy game that I can play online and I am looking for some suggestions. If you post one don’t just say “Guildwars is good”. What I want to know is what you think makes it a good game.

Wood elves: balanced?

So my powergamer today introduced a Wood elf character. This is a variant in the Monsters Manual which has all the elf abilities but also gets +2str and -2 int (so +2str, +2dex, -2con, -2int total), with no level adjustment.

Does this seem balanced to you? I didn't think so, since most creatures with a +2 to strength automatically get a +1 level adjustment. I managed to work around the fact that the player was basically introducing a new species of elves into my world roleplaying-wise, but I'm still curious about the balance issue. If this isn't balanced, what penalties should I add on there? I'd rather not make it a level adjustment, since I'm not sure it quite earns that (and it requires the player to basically relevel).