September 14th, 2005


a question

Hey guys, been playing D&D for about 10 years and thought I'd try something different, I want to play an Earth Genasi fighter, but I haven't found out very much on the race in general. My DM has one book with some Earth Genasi stats, but it doesn't go into much detail, it only has the XP chart. So the question is, do you guys and gals know any books I can look into to find more info about Earth Genasi's. Thanks in advance.

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Consider this an apology in advance for any stupid questions I might post here.

I have been going over the d20 system and the OGL.
Now lets say you have a fully developed game world and no system (we have a system actually but its kind of complex). From what I am seeing here I can pretty much write this as a D&D world setting (like Forgotten Realms, Dragon Lance, Dark Sun, etc) and self publish/distribute this for what ever price I set so long as the d20/OGL logo and information is posted where outlined I am pretty much good to go? Also unless stated otherwise all the game world material (cities, religions, history, so on) still belong to me?

Or am I totally misinterpret this?
Yes I can ask a lawyer but the problem is 1: they take to damn long to get back to you (no matter what you pay them) and 2: I would rather ask people who play/write d20 games.

so who is playing what?

Btw what games are people playing these days?

I stopped playing D&D a year or 2 after 2nd edition came out (around the time that magic got big). I wrote my own RPG and I have been playing that and cyberpunk 2020 (heavily modified) for the last few years. Recently when my co writer suggested we go d20 I walked into a game store for the first time in years. Everything looked like d20. It looked like world of darkness and rifts was still somewhat around. It was also nice to see some battletech books.

Anyway I would like to get a feel for what people are playing.