August 31st, 2005

I'm all ears!
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ninja ferrets!

I have ferrets, and a story about them I thought some of you might like that demonstrates a real world application of a DnD rule.

My ferrets have a cage that is about 4.5 ft tall, and the little tyrants like to climb it every so often. It's easy to get up, but then they sit there and wait for me to come rescue them. Apparently not to easy to climb down.

Well, I underestimated them again. The other day, I walked in and there was Leasle, backing her fuzzy butt off the top edge, and easing herself over the side. I watched to see what she would do. She did a kind of controlled fall down the side of the cage. She kept her calws hooked on the bars, but relaxed her grip just enough to let them slip a little, and slide herself right down the side.

So, Leasle had figured it out. I didn't think Bother had yet. You'd think I'd learn not to underestimate them. You see, there is a dresser right next to the cage, that is about the height of the cage. Bother jumped the small gap over to the top of the dresser. She then backed her rear off the edge of the dresser closest to the wall. The gap between the dresser and the wall is plenty of room for a ferret to fit in, but it was snug enough that she could push against the side of the dresser so her back pushed up against the wall, and the friction slowed her descent to a nice, easy slide.

My ferrets can slow fall. o.O

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