August 27th, 2005


A few questions for a baffled DM.

1) Do sorcerers get bonus spells known based on their charisma, or just bonus spells per day?

2) When creating a magic sword with a special ability (we'll say keen because that's the example used in the DMG), and the weapon is required to first have a +1 bonus, is the weapon's market value 4,000 gold (for having a +1 bonus and an ability that is the equivalent of a +1 bonus), or 8,000 gold (the cost of a weapon that would have a +2 bonus)? I apologize if that seemed confusing.

3) I know there's rulings on what happens when you place a bag of holding into a portable hole, but what happens if you place a bag of holding into a bag of holding? I ruled the same effect because it's still putting two planar pockets into each other, but I didn't know if there was actually an official ruling on this or not.

4) I have a player that is a planar vanguard (the psionic version of a plane shifter), and he, much to my own mistake as a DM, has turned the plane of earth into his neverending supply of money. I have thought about making gems steadily go down in market value due to the fact he's carted 1/10 of the plane of earth into the Material Plane, but I was wondering if there was possibly another idea to go about this with (besides throwing big scary monster in this spot of the plane so he can just teleport to another spot)?

Thanks a lot for any answers/help to my questions/curiosities!