August 16th, 2005

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I'm going to run a one-on-one which will begin with my player's character awakening in a dungeon (or some comparably forboding and isolated structure) without memory of who she is, who she was, where she is, or how she got there; it'll probably turn into a revenge story as things unfold. Now here's where I need some advice: How do I deal with her knowing her character class, since it would make sense for some of her abilities to be lost to her? So, in her state of memory loss, would the various skills that make up her character be at her disposal as soon as she awakens, would they be ingrained so deeply in her brain that they are like walking and only become apparent when they are needed, or are they forgotten entirely? I am going with the second option, but would like some input on how to actually handle the divulging of her character details? I could turn out to be fun if I withhold things until they're needed, save for skills (we listen how we listen whether we're concious of it or not, or so I think for purposes of this campgain). For example, if she was a rogue before, and now wishes to kill some unaware monster or person, maybe just before her finger triggers the bolt in her crossbow to fly she instinctively shifts her aim and fells the thing with startling efficiency (a sneak attack). Something like this, but with every abilitiy, gradually revealing everything to her. I have a lot of time for this campaign as well, so I can spend as much time on it as I want.

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Also, I was thinking of implenting the alternate rules for gaining feats and special abilities, requiring an instructor and time to learn, or at the minimum time to learn, since some people are excellent autodidacts like that. I want things to make sense basically. Anyways, thanks folks.

Alternative Turning Rules

Last gaming session, my DM introduced the alternative undead turning rules as listed in the Complete Divine and probably elsewhere...

For clarity per turning attempt the cleric rolls d6 per cleric level and inflicts that damage as positive energy.

I've a few questions on this though. How can it be affected, by Charisma bonus, by the spell Consecrate or any other turning feat, domain power etc...

Anyone have the answers or know where I can find them?
Google has not been my friend.