August 7th, 2005

Guns and swashbuckling.

So I am kicking around the idea of starting a swashbuckling game. I was looking for advice/input on it. So far I have the following ideas ready to go.

Setting: Eberron, mostly. Going to slightly change the story a bit to add in the recent development of guns.

Rule Variations:
1. Class Defense bonus from Unearthed Arcana
2. Possibly Armor as Damage Reduction from Unearthed Arcana
3. Wound/Vitality points from Unearthed Arcana
4. Guns, my own creation. The short version is this, Ranged Touch Attacks, Damage direct to wound points. Long reload times. (base 5 rnds, but can be improved with feats and items) Basically old style flintlock muzzleloaders, with pistol versions available. Probably going d8 damage rifle and d6 for pistol.
5. Parry rules from Dragon Magazine. (Basically everyone gets one Parry/rnd to start but can be improved with feats)
6: Possibly use the flaws/quirks from Unearthed as well.

Class Rules:
1: Thinking of restricting Clerics to NPC's or third level. Possibly allowing for Druids thou but with restricted healing spell options. (Miracle Max from Princess Bride)
2: No multiclass penalties.

Overall Idea:
Fast paced game where the PC's respect the power of guns. Focus less on deadly combats, more stealth oriented missions and bar fights. (Think any Musketeer/Robin Hood movie) More than likely to have some high seas fun thrown in as well. Lots of rope use, swinging, jumping and tumbling. Bonus points for creative use of environment.

Anyone try this already? Any ideas? Any experience with this? Looking for creative feedback and ideas.