August 5th, 2005

  • mbtm

Taking the kids beyond the Basic Set

So I'm trying to plan ahead...just in case.

If I choose to take the kids beyond the Basic Set, what would be the best way to do that?

Should I keep the characters simplistic like in the Basic Set, or "evolve" them into normal characters with a full set of skills after they reach 3rd level?

I've thought about taking them through some pre-generated adventures that are focused on dungeon crawling (The Sunless Citadel and The Forge of Fury) after they reach 3rd level.

Any thoughts on this?

Update to my epic level classes.

I updated my Disciples prestige classes; now there's four of them, the Disciple of the Cosmos, the Disciple of the Hymn, the Disciple of the Void, and the Disciple of the Silver Chord.

You can view them in an html format here.

I am interested to hear if everyone thinks these are balanced or not. I understand that some of the information is campaign specific, but I'm worried about the general potent of each of these. These prestiges are all designed for epic level (21+).

Thanks ahead of time!