August 3rd, 2005


Epic level prestige classes.

I'm working on epic level prestige classes. I think I'm making them horribly too powerful, but I thought I would post them here to see what you think. I'm not really all that seasoned at making prestige classes of any kind, so bear with me (I just didn't like the selection in the Epic Level Handbook and wanted to offer to my players classes that were more based on my campaign and less on the cookie cutter stuff offered by Wizards.)

Because these prestiges revolve around my campaign's story, things might not make sense--basically, there's the True World, which is controlled by Fate, and where everything came from. Then there's Evelon, the universe the PCs are in (that's part of the multiverse that encompasses the True World), where some people from the True World become uber-powerful plane shifters and created their own world that was not controlled by Fate. That's the whole gist of the planar structure, anyway.

So, give me some feedback on my in-the-rough epic prestiges:

This link will take you to the word document that has the first two.

Not all of them are going to be Disciples, but this is the first string of prestiges I'm working on. I still have ideas for three more Disciple-based epic prestiges. Basically, it's the idea of manipulating soul energy. Anyway, I look forward to being critiqued!
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HUZZAH!!! I got the kids to play!!!

So my nephew (11) and niece (5)...both belong to my sister-in-law... were over today and I knew about it in advance. So I planned to play the DnD Basic game...with a few changes (making more iconic 1st level PCs that also have DnD minis made of them...Mialee, Tordek, Ialdabode, Krusk, Kerwyn, and Jozan...using my mad photoshop skills)...and success.

Although they were only over long enough to go through the first two rooms, they truly didn't want to stop playing.

My father-in-law only need them watched for a short time and when he showed up there was a resounding "awww man!!!...". :D

When we started I just layed the dice out on the table and the character sheets. The nephew dug through them tossing aside all the humans. LOL! He wound up picking Eberk. My daughter chose Mialee, and we suggested for my niece to play Lidda (because Lidda looks like a little girl).

The first treasure chest was found, with the Baron's ring in it. They didn't find the trap on it though, so "Lidda" sprung it by opening the chest. I rolled randomly on the trap chart and it came up to be a stink trap. Everyone made their fortitude save so I told them it smelled like bad gas.

All 3 kids, as if on cue, put their shirts up to cover their noses.

So I mentioned to my nephew; "ask your mother if it would be alright to come back over this weekend and we can play some more". I also showed him how the dungeon sets up for this.

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