July 28th, 2005

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Writing Excersize

I'm designing a world (more of a series of adventures) where the events of the campaign will be taking place a few years after a genuine Zombie Apocalypse. The town that the players will be starting off in is comprised of a castle keep and assorted living quarters located on a misty little island connected to the mainland by two wooden bridges. The bridges were originally destroyed during the apocalypse to separate the island from mainland, but have since been rebuilt with large planks of wood missing from the structure. The purpose is to create large gaps where the bridge is uncrossable. If the bridge needs to be crossed, the reinforced planks are placed across for the duration of the crossing and then removed. Most river crossings are done with boats or rafts, which zombies obviously cannot jump in and operate.

Several watch towers are erected across the river from the island and manned by guard. Mages take watch staring into the horizon for hours at a time using detect undead spells, and warriors stand at the ready to quickly dispatch any threat that may appear. If the danger is too great they retreat across the river via boat and devise other ways to deal with the massing undead across the river banks.

Anyway, the entire island is essentially occupied by buildings and such now. There's almost no room for farmland or anything like that... so the farm is actually located miles away, in the ruins of a very small walled city (it was more of a military encampment) that had fallen during the apocalypse. The strongest and bravest men from the city set out daily in an attempt to clear the city of any undead that may have remained inside. Eventually the city was cleared, walls restored, and gates closed. The buildings inside were razed and the interior was converted to farmland. Several Rangers and Druids babysit the farm in attempt to keep the land blessed and fertile for the survival of those on the island.

I sort of like the setting so far, but things are still (REALLY) choppy at best. What say you, LJ'ers? Would you enjoy playing in such a setting? What would you like to see done in a campaign with a setting like this? What kind of things would you like the DM to include, what would make the setting better, what would make your experience more enjoyable or memorable? Leave some feedback :)

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skill question

I have a question for you all.

I making a character for a new campaign that one of my friends is starting, i'm making an undead hunting cleric who is not affiliated with any church. I'm trying to select skills right now and am a little confused on if what i'm thinking is right. Under class skills for a cleric it says Knowledge(religion) is a class skill. When looking under Knowledge in the skills section of the PHB it says Knowledge(religion) covers gods and goddesses, mythic history, ecclesiastic tradition, holy symbols, and the undead). Well my question is this. I want to know If I can use knowledge(undead) in place of knowledge(religion) since my cleric won't be associated with the church, just the persuit of cleansing the world of undead.

thanks for any advice :)
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