July 26th, 2005

MIP Sith
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Greyhawk maps?

Does anyone know where I can find maps and other detailed info of Greyhawk cities and such?

I Googled for a while, and found one site that has a great ammount of detail for the city of Greyhawk.
I also DLed what I could from the LG Campaign site over at WotC.

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Books I bought today (v 3.5 DnD)

So I bought, via suggestion, a used copy of "The Adventure Begins"...showcasing Greyhawk in all of it's v2.0 (circa 1998 TSR) glory.

This is pretty much what I needed to start a campaign where the City of Greyhawk will be used as the starting point of the adventure.

I'm tying many issues of Dungeon together to fill up a campaign, with some tweaks here and there to tie everything together...and it's shaping up to be quite fun.

I also purchased Races of the Wild and Races of Destiny.

Thank you all for your input to my previous post.

Happy gaming.