July 25th, 2005


Gaming introlerance

Okay...so I've been reading the DMG II and a few other places, and most published authors agree that the DM should more or less bend over backwards to accomodate the interests of the players, even when he feels the manner in which the player plays detracts from the fun of the game. Thus, you should have some story for the RPers, hand out lots of magic items for the powergamers, set up plenty of fights for the tactical folks, etc. Basically, the DM should ignore any personal feelings about what makes for a fun game and make the game as vanilla as physically possible.

That doesn't sit well with me. I've been gaming for a few years now and I feel like I've got a decent handle on what's fun for me. And on what's fun for the sort of players I enjoy playing with. Now I'm not about to say anyone's playing style is wrong, but if you want hack'n'slash or powergaming, well, find a DM who's into that. And if you can't, well, maybe its time to re-evaluate your playing style a bit. That seems a more likely solution than trying to force GMs to run games they don't enjoy.

But doesn't this philosophy put too much emphasis on the DM, when this should be a more collective sort of effort?

Well, I feel it doesn't really emphasize the DM, but instead encourages DMs to have fun in their games too. If you're a wargamer, find wargamers to play with. If you're a powergamer, seek out those powergamers. If you're a roleplaying, find a game with some story.

My games tend to be heavy on the RP, medium to light on the combat and almost non-existant when it comes to powergaming. Because I feel RPGs are most fun when the focus is, well, on the RPing. And I'm lucky enough to have a gang that more or less agrees with me. If I were to have a powergamer come into my game and I started handing out magic items so that they could twink their character as much as possible, well, I wouldn't be having fun. I'd just as soon _NOT_ run a game at all than have to cater to that sort of play.

Am I just being intolerant? Thoughts?

Lucifer >:}

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Magic Question

So one of my players wants to create a magic item that's imbued with a spell-like effect, but the only thing I'm stuck on is how to determine what level that spell-like effect will be cast at and how much it will cost. I'm working with the 3.0 Dungeom Master's Guide. Thanks folks.