July 20th, 2005


Vow of Poverty

I am about to undertake one hell of a challenge, and I think I am up to it. I am looking for any advice, anecdotes, or opinions on how to handle this amazingly complicated feat.
Here's the skinny:
- I am taking it as my 3rd level feat, as I took Sacred Vow as my 1st level feat.
- I am a Fighter1 /Psychic Warrior 2.
- My race is a home brew, called a Mo'o, which are contemplative lizardmen, based on geckoes (naturally psionic, mad climbing, detachable tail).
- Lawful good.
- Combat style: you can't hit me, but I can hit you, although not all that hard (dodge, mobility, etc).
- At 4th and 6th, I will be taking, as my bonus exalted feats, Vow of Chastity (no sex) and Vow of Abstinence (no booze).
- The character is not religious, but philosophical. He is trying to achieve a state of enlightenment called Maui'i, which is sorta like Bhuddism, taoism, yadda, yadda, yadda.
Have any of you played with this feat, or been at the table with someone that has? I am wondering how that went for them.