July 1st, 2005

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This has been discussed here before, but...

My RP group made a major mistake at character creation. We all made our own characters, with our own wonderfully dramatic and interesting pasts, and our own passions, convictions, and motivations. And we didn't take into account anyone's character but our own. As a result, group cohesion sucks. So, we are trying again. The emphasis this time will be creating a character you like, *with* the stipulation that it can actually exist as part of a group!

Now, I know with DnD many people could care less about group cohesion and take a much more hack'n'slash approach. Our group is more interested in having the excitement of combat mixed in with the drama of roleplaying. So. As I was trying to think of some ways we could accomplish this, a list sort of formed. It was formed around the idea of having a group character creation session in which we all sit around, make characters, and brainstorm. I wanted to share this with you, see what you think, and hopefully you'll add some of your own expert advice! ;)

Istril's Top Ten Character Creation Tips!

1. Remember you are part of a roleplaying group. Be flexible, and stay open to feedback from others about your character.
2. Avoid creating a character who’s convictions or other extreme characteristics will prevent them from being part of a group.
3. But, give your character their own passions; try not to be overly conformative just to keep the peace.
4. Try not to rely on "gimmicks" to set your character apart or make them special or unique. Just roleplay them well.
5. Allow the group dynamic and the roleplaying itself to mold your character rather than predetermining all the intricacies of their persona.
6. Take into account the setting in which your character will exist. What is your character's place there?
7. As much as possible, let the present drive your character's actions, not their past. When the focus is on the now, campaigns are more dynamic and memorable.
8. Incorporate something into your character that will allow them to contribute somehow to the group.
9. Enjoy your character; you shouldn't "settle" for something you don't really want to play just because you think it would compliment the group.
10. *Climbs up on Soapbox* A certain degree of conflict within a group is essential. (And really, really fun!) It provides a wonderful opportunity for character development, gives us a little bit of that spice called drama, and just makes things a bit more interesting. However. Internal conflict to the point where you are straining to find reasons for your character to stay with the group is almost always damaging to group cohesion, and can be taxing on the players' fun. Remember, the right type of conflict can actually *increase* cohesion. The wrong type of conflict destroys it. *Climbs off soap box*

*bows with a flourish*
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The d20 NPCs Wiki is now open!

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I have become increasingly frustrated with D&D because it takes too much damn time to write up NPCs for it - especially high-level NPCs and spellcasters. While the math involved in creating NPCs is not especially complicated, there is a lot of it, and it all gets rather repetitive and boring after a while. These end up being a major part of the adventure design process, and I'd really rather spend that time on other matters (such as drawing decent maps for a change...).

Thus, I have created the d20 NPCs Wiki, which I hope becomes a central repository for all kinds of NPCs and advanced monsters. As of this writing, there are no NPCs yet (I got the approval for it at work, and all my NPC stats are back at my apartment), but I will upload my collection later this evening. Feel free to add your own stat blocks in the meantime...

Another psion question.

Can a psion use Mindlink and then Sense Link to see through someone's eyes? If so, can the psion then use Psionic Teleport to teleport where someone is located through seeing through their eyes with Sense Link via a Mindlink?
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New Template idea: Gray Man

This template was an idea born from the fact that I needed an undead character that wasn't stupid and slow like a Zombie, but not with ridiculous ECL adjustments like the Vampire. So, I made this. I've run it through an ECL checker, but I'd like it if someone could tell me if the adjustment makes sense.

Also: Oh hey, I don't have the Libris Mortis. This si the other reason why. 'Else I would have used the Necropolitian. Because it;s been suggested twice. at two different places. 6_6

Template: Gray Man.

This template may be added to any sentient living being that has a body made of flesh (ie, no Dryads, Warforged, Vampires, or Elementals.)

Description: The Gray Man is a marvel of necromancy, an incredibly advanced form of undead that is near identical in appearance and in mental acuity to its living counterparts. A creature with the Gray Man template looks almost exactly as if living, but with a grayish, yellowish, or amberlike shine to it's skin, and has its limbs and a few other areas (such as the chest and face) heavily coated in lacquer, creating a hard coating. There are also a few well-placed scars on the abdomen, where the organs were removed.

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