June 29th, 2005

Group Finished

So I got my group finalized now. There are going to be 7 PC's (one per person) with 2 being women. Yeah I like that. Four I have played with before and the other three I haven't. So I have to learn their styles. But i'm excited. We will start playing either the 9th or 16th and playing every other to every third weekend. (we all still have lives). So we are using the 3.0/3.5 stuff (sorry guys I can't afford it all new). I am absorbing as much as I can now.

Questions though. What does DC mean and how do you determine bonuses, penalties, etc for watch, listen, etc?

Where would you start a campaign, from a Dungeon, book, or published adventure? (not starting with my own)
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Dark Elves.

I hate running Dark Elves. All my players know about them, and I don't. But one of my PCs intricately wove Dark Elves into his background, and now I am going to take on the challenge of making a session of Dark Elf debauchery.

So I ask you, is there a good internet source for Dark Elves? Or do you have some general advice or ideas? Please don't direct me to the Forgotten Realms Dark Elf book. I don't have the money right now to go out and buy a book for a one or two session endeavor. :-p

Any help is appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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Want an opinion on a couple of questions

1) Does the Crippling Strike extraordinary ability of the Rogue stack with the Crippling Strike extraordinary ability of the Justiciar, if the Rogue/Justiciar is using a sap? I would think so since one arises from sneak attacking a target and the other arises from doing non-lethal damage to the target.

2) Is the sap able to be changed into adamantine, silver or cold iron? Common saps today are a metal piece (typically lead) wrapped in leather. In addition, are any of the magical enhancements (other than keen) unavailable to the sap, i.e. wounding, flaming or mighty cleaving? Would the flaming enhancement do non-lethal damage?

Thanks in advance.
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