June 7th, 2005


An ethical dilemma

OK, here's the story. Our party consists of a cowardly paladin (me), LN hobgoblin rogue who has forsaken his race, a druid, a CG barbarian and a LN sorcerer who rarely shows. As we were making our way through the Silver Marches, we came upon some travelers who were being mauled by a number of undead-ish boars that were obviously some sort of creation gone awry. Two children and three adults were killed. Naturally, we vowed to find the person and make him pay for his evil deeds.

We found him, snug in his cabin, seemingly more annoyed by the inconvenience of having to atone for his misdeeds than actually upset that his creations killed people. The hobgoblin was ready to chop him on the spot. I, the paladin, was ready as well, but cooler heads (including mine) prevailed, reasoning that this necromancer was probably more than we could handle, and justice would be better served if her were to raise those he was responsible for the deaths of. (yes, he was able to raise them) The hobgoblin didn't even want them raised, reasoning that it would be through some evil magics and would only further the necormancer's aims. I didn't disagree, but I was willing to give him the chance.

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To Recap: Ok, Kurana is the big campaign villian. Formerly a Lich, he's recently done a bunch of things by hijacking timelines and stealing artifacts to regain his lost life-force. And the players have been on his trail for almost a year of real time, (and we did a time travel campaign so they've actually tracked him forward through time).

OKay: the characters are

Ro'oka (Squirrelfolk Rogue)

Archibald (Rabbitfolk Burning Champion)

Niv (Ravenfolk Cleric)

NPCS: Zark (Half-dragonoid Elephantfolk fighter), and Esau (donkeyfolk wizard- and the Pineapple Punch's teleportation specialist and pilot.

The week before last was a big scene with the Farwalkers at Farwalker Citadel, where the players were warned about Kurana's plans for godhood (harnessing the energy of a disintegrating timeline to become the new god of death), got a lesson in planar time travel, and developed a plan of their own for returning from the doomed stray timeline back into their original timeline- a 60 year jump into the past. They would have to destroy or re-attune the Perilous Sieve so that Kurana would be unable to harness the energy. Or destroy Kurana. And Kurana is hyped as "nearly invincible now- impossible to hurt-and already halfway to Godhood".

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any thoughts on running a party of characters who are all fighter types? the party is probably going to be 2 rangers, one barbarian and one fighter, although one of the rangers may be a druid.