April 28th, 2005

I just had an idea

Probably not a new one, but has anyone played a choose-your-own-adventure style of D&D game? As in restricting the choice of actions of the players to four or five? Depending on a number of things, I think it might be interesting. It wouldn't necessarily be too confining, as the number of actions a player can take already is fairly small, I just think it would inject the game with a different feel. And I realize that D&D already is a sort of choose-your-own-adventure game (a very elaborate one albeit), but putting emphasis on it would, I think, yield interesting results. Eh? Eh?
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Bags of Holding

Two questions regarding bags of holding. I assume there are no official answers to these (forgive me if there are), and I'm asking more for the sake of discussion than anything else.

1. What does it take to put something in a bag of holding? I assume they're not airtight. This raises a couple of problems. First: Why don't they have a pretty good air supply? There should be air passing in and out through the opening (though not a hell of a lot- but definitely some). Second: When a PC with a bag of holding enters a body of water, why doesn't their bag more or less immediately fill with water, ruining whatever's inside (as, of course, happens in Nethack)?

2. In a game where bags of holding and similar devices are relatively cheap, why are there often sewer systems of one sort or another? I'd think it'd be easy to use a bag of holding as a sort of bedpan, and empty it somewhere else or just discard it when full. Granted, it'd get a little stinky, but if we're really in a medieval sort of setting, I don't know that anyone would notice that much.