April 22nd, 2005

wicked handclasp
  • istril

Safe poison use

I'm looking for all the possible routes to getting safe poison use from any material from either 3.0 or 3.5. So far I've got Assasin, Deep Wood Sniper, or Whisperknife. Druids (and monks, right?) are also eventually immune to poison.

Any other ways (feats, prestige classes, etc) that I'm missing?

Two issues...

1. Take a look at the Lycanthrope section of the Monstrous manual. CAn you honestly tell me that a werewolf/wereboar/wererat are anywhere near as powerful as a werebear or a weretiger? I think these must be seperated or at least taken individually.

2. Can you perform a trip as an attack of opportunity? How about a disarm/grapple?

Please site sources for the second one if you have them.