April 21st, 2005


Just something that amused me.

Tonight my PCs went off to hell (one of the 666 layers of the abyss to be more precise), the particular layer they were in was a frozen realm. They'd already been to one layer and decided it wasn't for them. Their quest? to retrieve a made thing from the abyss for use in a spell to revive a succubus(True Resurrection-but sod it being easy-also being used to change some aspects of the demon in question).

Sounds ok so far. Their suggestion.....Build a snowman and take it back in their bag o' holding!!

The D&D GM Tip Thread

The first rule of any game is: "Above all the purpose of a game is fun." To many times GM's get tied up in the investment they have made in their world. If you can't stand for people to go outside your thoughts for your world, use it for a book. Don't try to force players into your view of your world. Let players role-play their characters as they see them and let them have fun. I am sure that somewhere in the world of Cthullu there is a Pollyanna who wakes up to a sunny carefree world every day, and maybe that is your players character.

Your idea of a high drama horror adventure, may come out more like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but if the players had fun, it is a success.

The first rule for game masters should be: "My job is to serve fun to my players"

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Hey could someone help me?

I need the stats for an Eagle. I'm using the stats for a animal companion I want and since i'm a poor college student I don't have a monster manual and the guy who has a book is out of town. So if someone could help me out that'd be sweet.


A problem that's come up a few times.

In D+D there are various spells and effects that work on poisons.
The problem is what exactly counts as a poison?
The one that's caused the most bother is ALCOHOL; it is a poison, but does it count for these effects? Does immunity to poison mean you can't get drunk, does detect poison only show the presence of alcohol if you have poison in the glass?

Logically it probably should count, it can, after all, be fatal; however it clearly isn't usually used as such. Almost anything can be a poison to the system in the right dosage(vitamins etc). So do these effects somehow judge intent; are they effectively fairly useless.

What opinions - or even better, rules- apply here?
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