April 1st, 2005


Playing Vs. Twinking.

I always hear people throwing out the “power gamer” or if your not careful with this someone will “twink out”. So where do you draw the line between using resources (feats, skills, spell and equipment) to there fullest or twinking?

The best way I think I can state my position is this: (using Eberron simply because that the campaign world I’m in now)

The player who buys the Mithral (sp?) full plate so he can use his dex and the higher AC from the armor, and additionally buys the material then forges it himself so he doesn’t have to pay as much is not twinking (power gaming).

The players whom A) Plays the Animantine (sp?) warforaged so he can sell parts of his body or so that when he dies his fellow players turn him into weapons, B) the player who tries to build a tank, and C) gets a dinosaur and a lot of wand and tries to pull over and steal from the lightning rail and doesn’t expect consequences and gets mad when he is hunted down by the police and house that owns it, are all power gamers.
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