March 24th, 2005


Taking a break from peril.

What do you do when your characters ask for downtime? My players want a break in their adventuring for a few purposes:
  • To make magic items.
  • To roleplay their characters trying to have separate lives outside of adventuring.
  • To get trained for prestige classes.
  • To learn crazy things that take a lot of practice like dragon riding.
That's just the beginning of some of their plans.

Do they get experience points during their downtime? How long should it feasibly last? Should I have a villain come and spoil their moments of peace? Do you advise to go with it, or discourage it? Just curious what the thoughts of the community were about this sort of thing.
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Eberron: Scifi or fantasy?

From gypsylover's thread here, I figured I'd break it out here so as to not continue hijacking their thread, assuming people care to debate this. This is my most recent response, with a minor correction so as to not look like a fool twice...

Okay, let's try to phrase it this way...

I don't want to run a campaign with besouled constructs.

I don't want to run a campaign with a train-like system.

I don't want to run a campaign with flying boats.

It's as simple as that. Look, I'm not crazy about how things work in the Forgotten Realms either, but I take things in the other direction. I prefer magic to be rare, something of a mystery, even to those who use it. In my own home-brew campaign world, there are maybe half-a-dozen NPCs who'd qualify for "Epic" status and the ratio of caster-to-mundane is around 1 to 1000 (and that's ALL casters, including Paladins, Bards, etc). And there just isn't enough free-flowing money in my campaign world to justify the existence of robot...erm..."besouled construct" armies running around.

Eberron, from everything I've seen (including the information that's crept into non-Eberron sourcebooks, like MMIII), just isn't for me. And you haven't really said anything that convinces me of otherwise (or really anything that refutes the comments I made above, in my opinion...I still hold that whether you want to call it a robot, a "besouled construct," or a Warforged, it amounts to the same hill of beans to me.

D&D has gone through "Star Wars" phases before...sure, Spelljammer didn't have X-Wings, but it was essentially D&D in space. And about the same time came Dark Sun, erm...Two even had rules for "the force." I hear psionics are pretty heavily integrated into Eberron as well...

Okay, now I'm joking...well, mostly...

In all seriousness, I'm not trying to begrudge you your favorite campaign world. If you like Eberron, that's cool by me. Just please understand its not for everyone.

I mean, it's got robots ;D

Lucifer >:}
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