March 23rd, 2005


Looking for input...

I want some input on a question, but first I feel I should sum up some things about me, game-wise.
1.) I LOVE D&D.
2.) I don't give two hoots about Eberron or most of the campaign settings because I make up my own stuff when I DM (players have less to argue about that way and they have to pay attention more -- my players are spontaneous-ADD-prone). I don't care for Eberron in particular because of the tech in it. If I wanted tech, I'd be playing Rifts or something else with tech in it.
3.) I like monsters. I like puzzles. I'm good at creating my own of both when given basic guidelines. I have some new creations in store for my players in the next session of my campaign.
4.) Two out of three of my players are graduating this spring and are moving far away. These two players need to be replaced next year, but it will be difficult because I'm on a Christian campus and most people think D&D is evil/satanic/whatever because that's what they've been told by their churches.
The Question: If I wanted to get some roleplayers to join my RP group without playing a game that strays far from what D&D is, what games might you suggest I invest a little in? I don't want to play a terribly religious-oriented game just to get players, but I'm willing to not play D&D if people have bad associations with it. Input, please?

Thanks in advance!

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