March 18th, 2005

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So i'm playing a barbarian (tweaked since i last posted his raw numbers. Gave him a heavy flail because i noticed greataxes can't make tripa ttacks, haha) this saturday, and i was mulling over his skills. I'm trying decidedly not to power game outside of combat, so i decided to have fun with his skills.i gave him a rank in profession(sculptor) and appraise due to his terran acestry. He's a really bad sculptor, but it's his passion. To supplement his income, he's been using his raw phsyical skills as a layman in a local quarry where he can siphon off spare rocks for his sculptures.

This got me to thinking... what the hell use is there for profession? seriously? Ok, in a forgotten realms campaign with a major economy, i can see the use, that's why i'm taking it (besides flavor).

Anyone here ever had profession skills play a major role in anything?
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