March 16th, 2005

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Dear Dungeon Master

See that line called 'Organization' under the Battlebriar, Lesser in the Monster Manual 3? Notice how it says solitary? Yes? And do you know why it says solitary? No?

Because it's not cool when a party of six tenth level adventurers dies to six of them without dropping a single one.


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Hey guys. Just joined the community. On saturday i will have my first experience with playing a barbarian (forgotten realms earth gensai1/barbarian2). My projected path for him is to, by character level 6, be a bar3/fit2/gensai1 with the feats Power attack, weaponfocus: Great axe, Combat expertise, improved trip, Knockdown (from sword and fist). Won't lose any BAB, either.

Ok, now, having never played a barbarian, nor seen one played, nor DMed an npc barbarian in combat, i had no idea how they worked. I think i figured it out, though, through the trick mentioned above. As it stands, my 17 str give me +3 to hit and damage and such. Weapon focus gives a +1, and my BAB is 3. Here's how it breaks down...

On a normal attack: +7 tohit for 1d12+5 (strength and a half rounded up due to 2handedness).
Power attacking: +4 tohit for 1d12+11 (power attack gives double on two handers).
Raging and power attacking: +6 tohit for 1d12+14

this is at level 3. None of this includes flanking bonuses or anything like that. I can drop most beasts in a good hit. Now the real trick comes to fruition at level 6. Knockdown.

At 4 i'll up my strength to 18, so my attacks will be +11/+6tohit for 1d12+6. Raging and power attacking can make it so that on a successful hit, even if i roll 1 damage, i'll still do above 10. This activates knockdown. i get a free trip attempt, followed by a free attack. Now, tally this up. Raging with improved trip, i'd be at +12 to on the strength check to trip. Now add a +4 to hit due to them being prone and remove a number of theit ac modifiers because they're prone, let's say -4. I'm at, when raging and power attacking a guy i just tripped, +15/+10 tohit this particular prone opponent for 1d12+22.


WARNING: I had surgery today, and as i write this, i am high on codine. I also haven't played D&D in about a year. Someone correct me if i am wrong on this stuff. I think i messed up the rounding (do you round str bonuses to 2handers up or down?). Still, even if the numbers are a little fuzzy, i think i found something effective.
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