March 8th, 2005


Aquatic fun in a hundred isles.

So, my PCs have left the lands of air ruled by the air goddess, and now are in the lands of water, called the Hundred Isles. And it is, quite literally, a vast ocean, with one hundred islands.

With that small synopsis said, I have never run adventures before involving ships or aquatic adventuring of any kind. If anyone has any pointers on ship battles, underwater exploring, water-based creatures, or other advice/tips/suggestions that I should know or would be useful relating to a setting of mostly seas, please share.

Also, if you have any crazy ideas for an island that you're just itching to share, I'm all ears. :-)
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Along the same lines as a previous poster, I'd like ideas for this guy. Keep in mind he's not an ACTUAL villain that will hurt the PCs. So water down your evil plans of epic doom. The evil plots he weaves should be usable for any level since they don't really matter as far as things go.

Class:Anti-Paladin or Fighter/Blackguard
Alignment:Evil I guess, see text.
Laughable NPC "villain" who's evil tricks are only mild on the evil scale if that. Hurting people? That's just mean. Make people stay out after curfew? Now you're talking. He wants to release a flock of pigeons into the air above a big crowd gathering. Or He captures the heroes and while they wait in a comfy prison he serves them cookies...that taste salty. His fiendish companion is named Clip-Clop, a nightmare that looks like my little pony. His catch-phrase is "foolish talkfolk, I will have my revenge!"
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