March 7th, 2005

wicked handclasp
  • istril


Does anyone here have any tips/tricks to fleshing out their PC's? I can come up with background, but, it seems like I always play my characters kind of the same. I want to give my new one a distinct personality. I can picture personality clearly in my mind, but, I just can't play it. I have characters with varied personalities, but, when I RP them, they all come across as having *my* personality.


any pointers on landscape mapping? i need to draw a map for a new campaign. i'm not happy with any mapping software i've ever seen but i need pointers. i want the map to be realistic, so i need to know things like how mountains, sea coasts and rivers are realistically aligned with each other. how to set up chains of islands that are realistic, stuff like that. any pointers or links?