March 4th, 2005

Question beginning new campaign

This being my first post I should first introduce myself: hi I'm cartwoman, a 24-year old Dutchie.

I'm starting a new D&D-group and I volunteered to be the DM. I know enough about the rules and stuff but i'm stuck at thinking of a first quest.
It's going to be a Dragonlance campaign and I have enough resources for when the party hits level 8, I don't have a good idea how to get the party members acquainted with each other the first session.
So does anyone have a good idea for a fist come-together-session? And any ideas what a good storyline would be for level 1 to 8?

ow and sorry if my phrases are bad, it's rather early and English is not my native language :)

Paladins with attitude.

Wizards just put up their article on paladins with class not too long ago, and I found it made some interesting points, namely, 'set a good example, but don't cram your morals down others' throats. I'm aiming for a lawful good aasimar paladin that has attitude--a good sense of humor, a likable character, maybe even someone that wouldn't look like a paladin during the first ten minutes you met her. She's an NPC, and the younger sister of one of the PCs, at that, who happens to be a chaotic neutral aasimar psion.

With that in mind, does anyone have advice on how to make a paladin unique and not so burdensome/annoying, while still keeping to the paladin's code? How do you make a paladin truly likeable? Is there a way to design a paladin that would not clash with a chaotic neutral alignment so...well, easily? How do you make the lawful good character stray from the cliche?

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Hello. I just figured I would introduce myself. My name is Niki. I'm a 23 year old student. I came into DnD when I was 16 and started playing almost everyweek after. Mostly, my DM does home brewed campeighns. There was this one HUGE one where each of our players played SIX characters. Coming up with all of them was fun but playing them all wasn't. Starting soon, we're going into Forgotten Realms. I'm excited about it and have started developing my character already even though we won't be playing for about two months. I've rolled her up, got her stats, equipment, the whole thing...except a name. :D She's a Ghostwise Halfling Rogue. Here's my experience with gaming pretty much copied right from my profile on RPG Registry.

Alternity (Beginner)
Baldurs Gate (Novice)
d20 Modern (Intermediate)
D20 System (Intermediate)
Diablo II (Intermediate)
Dungeons & Dragons: 3rd Edition (Intermediate)
Forgottem Realms (Intermediate)
Kindred of the East (Novice)
Magic: The Gathering (Intermediate)
Ravenloft (Intermediate)
Vampire: Dark Ages (Intermediate)
Vampire: The Masquerade (Intermediate) Played LARP.
White Wolf (General) (Intermediate

Well, nice to meet you. :)
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hypothetical situation and question RE: detect magic

you cast detect magic on a spellcaster, doesn't matter what kind, druid, bard, sorcerer, cleric, wizard, even a paladin or ranger high enough to have spells. the person you cast on isn't carrying anything magicl, isn't casting a spell, isn't currently affected by a spell. does detect magic tell you anything? what if you cast it on a race with innate magical ability like a gnome?

Starting a campaign..

After some time out of the DMing loop, I've decided to take my turn behind the screen and run the "Shackled City" Adventure Path from DUNGEON magazine.

Has anybody here DMed this series, and do you have any advice? Things that went well, or otherwise? Did you make any changes?

I'm letting my players know that this campaign is going to be plot-centered rather than character-driven. You may indeed be the long-lost heir to the throne of the Dwarven "City of Sodium Calcite", but don't count on that coming into play in the adventures. A pirate character? Great idea for another campaign.

My plan is to create a "PC pool." Everyone will design two (or possibly three) PC's, and they'll have a choice each adventure as to which to play. This increases the types of characters available to the party (races, classes, and backgrounds...)

  • I will allow players to transfer up to 1/3 of a session's experience from their active characters to the inactive ones.
  • I'll be adding some side adventures designed for "the B-team" to keep those characters viable, experience point-wise and equipment-wise.

Any thoughts?