March 3rd, 2005

CR opinion.

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I apologize for the formatting; I typed this up in word, where everything is formatted exactly like in the MM, but the copy job ruined it, and admittedly I'm too lazy to go back through and fix it all. Anyway, for the real point, do you think the CR is appropriate? I realize the hit points seem a tad high, and perhaps the damage too, especially with the trample. I also realize the treasure is absolutely terrible, but that one I'm sure I like. Really I tried to balance the hard hitting and the HP excess with the fact that the Reflex saves and AC are utterly terrible. A mid level spell with a Reflex save has a good chance of owning the thing. Any fighter at 12th level should have no problem hitting with his primary and probably secondary attacks, even his third, if he's properly equipped, has a more than reasonable chance to hit. The other thing is, even enough low to mid level foes could play hit and run for a couple hours and take one down. That said, I'm still not sure if the CR is exactly where it should be. I thought about giving it DR 5/-, but that combined with the masses of hit points seemed excessive. It also takes away the possibility of poking it to death with arrows over a long period of time.

And, sorry for the rambling, but a little background may help you see what I was thinking as I did it. Thanks for any comments. I'll try and answer any questions...if there are any.