February 28th, 2005

d20 : Dungeon Master

The Firestars

Hoping you all can provide some good feedback on this. I'm looking for balance in the FR settings with these classes. Feel free to pick them apart. I may not agree with what you say (and might even argue with you about it, but only to try and find a nice solution), but I'd love your input nonetheless! Thanks!

(Addendum: Countermage was designed by dragoonsoul. All credit goes to him on that one.)

    "The Firestars are a myth," Gondegal sneered at one of his colleagues. "You're a fool if you're afraid of such a silly story meant for apprentices. No man will dicate how I wield and warp my spells. Especially not a fairy-tale."
    "Then how do you explain Calissa, Simbrian, and Dauntelar?" asked Cathrie with an amused smile. "And don't give me the old line about experiments gone wrong. You saw the marks on the door; they wouldn't do that themselves."
    Gondegal rolled his eyes at the woman and flippantly responded, "I suspect you put that sign there, just to further your nonesense about watching how we cast our spells. Likely because you're jealous at how far behind you are in your studies. Now if you'll excuse me, I really must return to mine."
    Cathrie gave a mock-sigh. "I'm afraid you've found me out, Gondegal." She said as she slid her dagger across his throat. As the lifeless body fell to the floor, she said, "And you really should have listened when I warned you not to taint the Weave."

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A little help please

Has any one here seen the cartoon Avatar: The Last Air Bender? The reason I ask is because I would like to make a prestige class and use that idea for a monk class, and any suggestions would be great.
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Arcane Strike

Ok, this feat (CWarrior) lets you drop a spell in addition for melle sweetness, but say the cahracter has maybe a 15 in his spell casting stat. Could you sacrifice a 6th level spell slot evne though the cahracter can't cast spells of that level? i know those slots can be used for lower-level spells, would Arcane Strike be the way a less-than-exemplary caster could get the most out of those slots? Particularly if multiclassed with a fighting class who might wear armor instead of cast.
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