February 27th, 2005

tiger hand
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I realize this is in the wrong place.

I have a question regarding first edition, and can't find anywhere whatsoever to ask it. Maybe someone here can help me.

My girlfriend got me a huge set of first edition books for my birthday, and looking at them they seem pretty cool- I'm looking at trying to run a first edition campaign, but unfortunately, despite digging through all the books that seem like they might contain such information, I cannot for the life of me figure out how non-weapon proficiencies work. Specifically, I can't find anywhere a listing of how many non-weapon proficiencies a character gets, and how frequently they get more, based on their class. I assume it works similarly to second edition, and at worst I could probably just sort of make up a table, but it frustrates me not to be able to find it. Can anyone help me out?