February 21st, 2005


PC Dwarf has green/black dragon egg.

One of my players has a dragon egg that they snatched up from when they went in to attack a dragon and killed the mother (while another group they were working with killed the father.) This dragon egg is going to hatch into a green/black dragon mix. I have a few questions.

1) How would the player go about taking care of the egg to make it hatch, if they can?

2) Will this dragon innately grow up with the evil alignment given in its genes, or will the player be able to raise it to be different? I know that a silver dragon can raise a white dragon to be good, but that's dragon vs. dragon psychology. Would this PC be able to do the same thing?

3) Do you have any plot twists/ideas that come to your mind when thinking of this scenario, that you'd like to impart to me? :-)
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