February 12th, 2005

  • vulpez

Bet you never had this problem

Okay, so I'm running a D&D game here for my girlfriend and a bunch of her friends for reasons having to do with restricted social circles. None of my (now four) players have played D&D before. They are all vet students. So it should perhaps not be surprising that the party looks like this ...
Orin - half-elf cleric of Ehlonna
Amiko - half-elf druid with attendant tiger cub animal companion Akyra
Tywin - NPC half-elf ranger to round out the initial (small) party, with his hawk Yoshi
Zantar - half-elf ranger/rogue (and let me tell you, that is a kick-ass combo)
and finally and most recently,
Aurora - elf druid with attendant wolf animal companion Sierra.

Right. So that's a party with two druids, two rangers, and a cleric of Ehlonna. These guys are going to go into a dungeon WHY? I've dealt with unusual parties before, I've dealt with pregnant PCs, I've dealt with all-halfling parties ... but I've never had a group quite so ... specialized. I mean, really, really specific. Thematic, even. In a few more levels, four out of five of them will have animal companions. At the moment they're approaching the climax of a "rescue princess from dragon" story arc that I set up to be the first thrust of the campaign because, hey, they'd never played D&D before and I had no idea what the party would look like. But now what? What sorts of story arcs can I really use to keep this wilderness-friendly party engaged and interested and on their toes? (I already had Stefan of Err's Wing engage in a spot of cubnapping back when the party had only one druid).

I'm trying for something with a little more oomph to it than "oh no the fluffy bunnies are being killed and sold for golds!" I can have bad people cutting down the forest once (but who, and why?) but that'll get old fast and I don't want it to become the Lorax campaign.

So give me your ideas. What are some good druid/ranger themed adventure hooks, plot arcs, and villains to keep my players engaged? (It's a homebrewed setting, but anything you can think of from any setting can probably be adapted).