February 11th, 2005


Fairy Anatomy

1. What separates male and female fairies? Is there really a separation? Are they just miniature sized humans, or, as magical beings that only reproduce through magic, are they the exact same thing except for voice differences (female/high pitched, male...umm, with a fairy, still kind of high pitched)?

2. Do they eat and drink?

3. Do they sleep?

4. Do they have a childhood and adulthood, or do they remain unchanging?

5. What happens to them in an anti-magic field?

I've already come up with answers for these myself, but I was curious what everybody else thought, if you had any thoughts on the race of fey.
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Leadership Feat

Hey folks-

I've got a player who really wants to play one of those feats I've dreaded as a DM- Leadership. He wants a cohort, he's sixth level. Making up his 4th level cohort was no problem, but I'm curious how everyone's (anyone's) played this before. Does the DM normally run the character? The player? The player, but with DM veto?

Any advice, stories, hints, or comments would be greatly appreciated, as it's one of those things I'm not really comfortable with yet. Let me know just how bad my PC's can get with this.... and if there's anything else I need to be thinking about.