February 6th, 2005

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readying a charge

I have two players who are very opposed to my "ruling" that 3.5 disallows a player to ready a charge. Their argument is that you can charge if you are restricted to only a move or standard action. My argument is that you cannot ready the charge (which is a full-round action) in the first place.

Rules debates are usually resolved with relative ease between us, but this one is causing problems. During the game, they accept my decision as DM, but we usually have logic debates about this outside of game-time. Since my group has traditionally been a "by-the-books" type of group, I would really like to show them that the rules state a charge can't be readied, or be shown that I'm incorrect and a charge can, in fact, be readied.

We've picked over the SRD and the PHB, but both sides continue to argue their own points. Does anyone have a conclusive way to resolve this?

I'm also checking the bulletin boards on the wizards main site next, before anyone suggests that. :)


"Are ranged/melee attack rolls and grapple checks considered ability checks?

For example, an item that gives a +2 bonus on all Strength and Dexterity related ability checks and skill checks - does that include attack rolls and grapple checks? They are Strength and Dexterity related checks. Instead of skill ranks, you add your base attack bonus.

Obviously this bonus applies to things like Strength checks to burst through a door, things like Climb, Jump, Disable Device and Use Rope. "

This was posted on my group's message board, and I don't know the answer... anyone? Please be specific, while I have my own opinion, I want to know what the rules say....
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readying a charge - resolved!

So, one of my players who was the most vocally opposed to my reasoning, found a piece of info that proved himself wrong. Finally, a definitive answer! It was actually in descriptive text that was giving an example, if I remember correctly. What it came down to was that the readied action was considered to take place during the same turn as the turn in which the action was readied. This shows that you are NOT restricted to just a move or a standard action in your turn. :) Hence, you may not ready a charge.

Based on what I read from some of the replies I received to my initial post, I thought you all might like to see how we resolved this.

I'm really surprised at how many people thought that a charge could still be readied. The rules actually seemed quite crystal clear to me on this issue that charges couldn't be readied. You can't ready a full round action, so you can't ready a charge. Simple as that, or so I thought. ~_^

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Does anybody here have Races of the Wild yet? I saw an excerpt on the Wizards DnD page and there is a Prestige class in there that I have been hoping for for a while. I don't actually play DnD, because I've never had a chance to, but I want to see the class and see if it's what I hope it is. I think it was the Arcane Heirophant, it blends arcane magic and druidry. Could anyone give me the stats and everything for this class? Thanks
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