February 4th, 2005


Evil acts for a good cause?

Hello, everyone.

I'm having a bit of a delimma deciding what alignment a character belonging to one of my players should have.

Thorn has a hunger for blood. She realizes that this cannot be rightly sated on the innocent. She more or less ignores petty evil, mostly targeting a grander scale of evil; she'll ignore the starving commoner who steals bread from the local foodshop, but if the owner of that foodshop came and tool that commoner as slave labor in retaliation, Thorn would be all over that.

Her methods of dealing with the evil people in question (crime bosses, tyrannical nobility, cult leaders, jailers who abuse wrongly accused prisoners, etc.), are rather brutal and malicious. Skinning them alive, for example. Her actions against these people nearly always result in relief and security for the innocent population, or at least a sense that someone is looking out for them.

Rather than a paladin, who may take an evil person and either try to redeem them or do away with the evil quickly, She on the other hand realizes that often any repentance is false; and that a quick death is an easy copout. She believes in truly making them regret destroying the lives of others, and if it means she gets to torture them in the process, then all the better to feed her thirst for blood.

Knowing that she does her evil acts only to evil people for the greater good of the world, I'm inclined to suggest her alignment should be Lawful, Chaotic, or True Neutral. I doubt someone with an Evil alignment would genuinely work towards the greater good, even if she sees it as a partial justification for her bloodthirst.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Colorful PC Names

I am an old 1st edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons player. I've had a lot of fun slaying the wicked and outsmarting the baddies. One of the fun parts of the game for me was the inventive names that came with the territory. If your a gamer, I'd like to here some of your favorite character names, and why you liked them. I'll start off:

Bruce Phlee, my gnome monk, because I like puns.
Elvish Pressedleaf, my wife's elvish bard, puns.
Welby Boneset, my hafling cleric, because I liked Marcus Welby, MD when I was a kid.
Julio Child, my son's ogre cook, wielding cleaver, cornbread of healing, & chili of stinking cloud, puns
The Great Tabasco, Fire Mage, it just seemed so appropriate at the time.

Please post your favorites, whatever reason you liked them.

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An Aasimar's Daylight vs. Spellcraft Check

One of the characters in the group is an aasimar, trying to pass off as a human. The players know the character is an aasimar, but the other characters do not, so to speak, and it drives the players crazy that said player keeps his character's race in secrecy. So, intermingling of this frustration would be out-of-game knowledge.

The aasimar used his daylight spell the other day. The aasimar is a psion, so he normally does not have use of spells; however, daylight is a spell-like ability. One of the players, the cleric/wizard of the group, wants to know if he can make a spellcraft check to decipher if the aasimar used magic or not--would a spellcraft check be able to tell if the aasimar used daylight as a spell-like ability, and would it be able to decipher if there was a difference between a racially used daylight and the daylight a cleric or sorcerer (I don't remember if wizards get that spell or not) could use? (I ask this because the aasimar might tempt to play pretend he has class levels in a class that can cast that spell to hide his race, if he really wants to try to be secretive.)

If a spellcraft check could decipher between the spell-like ability daylight and a psion's normal abilities, then what do you think the DC would be? 15, 20?
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Sorry for two posts in one day, I just had another interesting topic come up among the players.

Can a player recharge a wand once it is made? One of the players has a wand of magic missile and wants to know if he could give the wand a 'refill,' so to speak. Also, do wands exist that do multiple things, like a wand that holds five different spells?
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