February 2nd, 2005

what?, Wait


I've just randomly found this community, so I've come in to say hello and ask if I might get help with my little problem: I have a dungeon idea that I, personally, really like, but I can't think of how to get it set up properly.

To briefly summarize why I'm setting up a campaign: I have some friends who play DnD and I wanted to join in the group and have some fun. However, with them (being loosey-goosey fun folks that they are), that makes me, at least temporarily, the group's slave - I am (sort of, if I want to, and I kind of do) obligated to DM for them at least once. This is a bunch of people who simply love evil campaigns - there is NO way that I could possibly snag them with a good-oriented one. So I was thinking about what I could do to get this underway... How could I make this work?

A spark of inspiration: What if there was some big and bad creature who was hungry for, say, dwarf meat, but, due to size limitations, couldn't enter the caverns? I believe that the thought of getting a bounty per dwarf plus such-and-such an amount of money per stone of dwarf meat would quite intrigue the more evil of my players (all of them).

Here, however, is where I run up against my first hitch: what kind of creature would be big and evil enough to want dwarf meat, but too lazy or too big to go in after it by itself? At first I was thinking dragons, but dragons seem to all be able to assume any shape they desire from a very early age on, so... Yeah.

Can anyone advise me on the issue, or at least point me somewhere that might help...?
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