February 1st, 2005


Transmute Rock to Mud

Here's a dilemma we faced last night: I'm playing a wizard, and Transmute Rock to Mud is becoming my signature spell. We faced two iron golems on a beach, and my fellow players contended that sand was just many tiny rocks and thus could be converted to mud. I pointed out that the most common element in most rock (if not all) is silicon, which is also the primary element in sand. We ended up trapping one golem in a passage through a beach-facing cliff, and I led the other out to sea, having drunk an Alter Self potion and changing to a Kuo-Toa.

So my question is this: does sand count as rock? The DM's ruling was it had to be something commonly recognized as rock, otherwise one could use the spell against glass or just about anything with silicon. (Does silicone contain silicon?)
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Quote - Comfort the Distrubed


OK, for only the second time ever I'm going to be playing a Cleric. I'm actually taking the first cleric I played (from 3.5) and levelling him down for 3E. In doing this I noticed a few house rules the GM let me use and a couple other things. I'm finally to the point where I'm choosing my first prepared spells and I'm trying to figure out how this all works. If anyone out there has a 3.0 PHB handy (mine's at home and I'm at work), can you help me out?

1) There are no 0-level Domain Spells, correct?
2) Do you get any extra 0-level spells for a Wisdom score of 17 at 1st level?

Any help would rock. Thank you!
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Overwhelming task...

Hey everyone,

I'm pretty new to D&D but it seems like a really fun game. I've played a little and DMed once. I really enjoyed DMing and people seemed to think it was pretty cool. The only problem is: it was one dungeon. I love being creative and have a lot of good ideas but I'm lost on how to even start creating a world. I've read the DMG and seen what it had to say but still feel overwhelmed. Does anyone have ideas on where to start? I'd really appreciate it.