January 30th, 2005

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Oh boy
I just played a game where we had to climb down a hole that's about 40+feet down. Now we had five people hold some rope (grappling it) I descended down the hole as they held it in place. They rolled a strength check and failed letting me drop. Now after I took the proper damage they tried 4 people and other guy and basically the same thing happened. The DC is weird. The DM had it so it was 15 then as each person went it increased by 2. This seemed to high.

So what am I asking? What is a good way of having some PC's descend down a hole in a cave using rope. Meaning what kind of checks should be used and so on.

I would really love a lot of responses and if you need more details please ask.

Im just trying to find a way of using rope like that that can be in an consistent manner. A DC that can be used across the board with negatives or what have you. thanks

good times

I just awoke after having the strangest session last night...

A little background on our adventure: Basically, my party has been trudging around in the Underdark for sometime now. We've been battling our way through an 'abandoned' illithid city and citadel. I say 'abandoned' because although the original illithid community has left, we've come across plenty of nasty things. Some of these include: tons of nasty undead, a fallen astral deva, some uber-golems, three undead earth elementals, a small illithid cult, dark elves, a custom made undead dragon, a demon or two, antimagic zones, three high level evil monks, etc...

Anyway, we finally made it to an Underdark trading community after weeks of adventure, with tons of loot. Our session went from 1:00pm till 3:00am last night, and there was only one fight. A short, two round bar fight. The rest of the session, over 12 hours worth, was spent buying, selling, and trading. It was insane!!! We all role-played each shop encounter, placing orders, striking deals, getting into arguments, etc. I've never had so much fun doing such mundane things. In the end, we got some really good deals and got taken by some of the vendors. The strangest was when I entered a shop to sell some enchanted leather armor, and exited the shop with a 'bag of many pockets' some gold, and a strange little creature that appears to be an obese house cat, with parrot feathers instead of fur. Uuuuggghhhh? Now I just need to find a few brain caps ... next stop, an living illithid city!!! Maw ha ha ha ha...

Document Scanning

I have some character sheets that I want to scan in. They are documents I purchased (so I have legal rigths to copy them) and I want to scan them so I can print them. What's the proper setting for that so I get a nice clean print?
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Do any of you ever look through a section of the PHB or some other rulebook and realize you have been doing something completely wrong? It amazes me when this happens with something that is really common--like search checks, for example. We have been going about search checks completely wrong. I was stunned to realize that searching a room that is 5 squares long x 5 squares wide x 2 squares high would take 3 hours if you wanted to take 20--assuming you are searching the walls and ceiling as well as the floor. Yeesh!

Other rules that I've recently discovered we were doing wrong are: you can't ready a charge, you can't charge twice your distance in the surprise round, we've been completely neglecting the fact that, in most cases, creatures can provide cover, a full-round action such as a coup de grace is completed on your turn and not right before your next turn, and several others.

All of these I feel like, "How could I have missed that?" DnD is pretty good at making me feel dumb!

Spells and Attacks of Opportunity

Quick question:

When using a spell or spell-like ability, when does it provoke an attack of opportunity? Any time it consumes a standard action? What about spells and spell like abilities that are free actions such as a fairy's invisibility or a quickened spell?

Sorry if this is a rhetorical question...

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I am currently in the process of moving to NC so I dont have access to my D&D books, but while at work a strange thought came to me when I was thinking about a possible campaign idea. What happens to the stuff in a bag of holding in a Zone of Antimagic? Is the stuff just not accessible or does it fall out? Or what about gloves that are storing a weapon, can you not call on the weapon into your hand or does that pop out?