January 21st, 2005

  • wyrind

Unbalanced flanking

Has anybody got any rules to cover this? For example, when the party fighter is flanked by an adult red dragon and a kobold - he wont care about the kobolds attacks so much, and will focus more on dodging and defending himself from the dragon. Maybe you get your full AC advantage against the flanking opponent you choose (and are not susceptible to sneak attacks) and against all other opponents you are denied your DEX and they get +2 to hit? Or should this just be kept in the Uncanny dodge ability?

PCs and Death

When a character dies, what do you do, or perhaps, what do your players do?

I can think of many possibilities.

a) Ressurection/Raise Dead - Person's back. Not much else to this.

b) Reincarnation - Person's back in a new body. (Ever had someone be reincarnated as something besides a humanoid?)

c) Rip up character sheet and tell them to make a new character.

Has anyone done anything more interesting, like run the character as a ghost, or perhaps have them travel as a petitioner in the outer planes, trying to convince a god to let them have their body back?

Just curious how you handle this concept of death.
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