January 19th, 2005


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one of my players just emailed me. in the campaign i'm running the party just landed on an island where they'll be stuck for several months until merchant ships come to get them off island. there's a trade city on the island but its in the boonies so transport ships are rare. anyway he wants to set up shop and offer his wizardly services for a fee to the people of the city. i don't have a problem with this but i've never really done it before. are there guidelines or rules in any of the core books for purchasing or leasing real estate? its easy enough to say 2sp for a night in a common room and 2 gp for a night in a good room, but i can't exactly say its gonna cost him $800/month plus 2 1/2 month security and no pets...

A Long Necked Black Dragon

In my last session, I ran my players up against a young adult black dragon, and I stuck him inside a small cesspool--someone mentioned a dragon that hid underwater and came out only to use its breathe weapon, and I really liked that idea. My players got smart and started using ready actions.

One issue we had though was that I had the dragon lunge out (it has a long neck, it can do that, no?) and bite--thereby pulling half of its body out of the water as well for awhile--and during the bite, I did a critical hit to our little fairy PC, and she had -8 hit points. I ruled that, because the bite was so severe, she was inside the dragon's mouth.

That pissed some people off.

Long story short, our niomus (a winged human race from the Legends and Lairs: Mythic Races) cleric flew up to the mouth and healed the fairy inside the dragon's mouth, the fairy flew out, and everyone lived happily ever after with a few grumbles.

Am I wrong with the fact the dragon could and would have done this? The player is still complaining. As the DM, the ruling I said then goes regardless of complaint, but he keeps thumbing through books and complaining about all these rules. Do any of you think that it might have been a bit of stretch, for future knowledge when running dragons?
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