January 18th, 2005


pop quiz

gimme a non-hokey, non-trite name for an evil semi-secret order of necromancers. most people never heard of them, those who have hate them. i was gonna call them the smokers which made some sense in the campaign until i realized that's the name of the bad guys from waterworld and well... can't have that.
  • wyrind

Monster non-favoured class CR

I cant remember where I came across this (I'm guessing Savage Species), but can anyone remind me of the guidelines for adjustments to the CR of monsters who take levels in a class that they would not normally be readily suited for - e.g. a Hill Giant Wiz1 is less formidable than a Hill Giant Ftr1.?


Underwater Combat & Spellcasting Feats

I am creating a 9th Level, 1/2 sea elf, Druid NPC and would like some advice on feat selection. I have limited access to the core rulebooks.

What feats are available that help underwater combat and spell casting (both in normal form and in wild shape)? I plan to take Augmented Summoning, but have 3 feats available to spice up her underwater arsenal. I'd like her to be able to do more than cast Warp Wood on unsuspecting vessels.

I haven't really experienced underwater combat, so I am unfamiliar with the mechanics - especially spell casting.

FYI - she is the cohort to an 11th level Fighter(1)/War Mage(6)/Havoc Mage(4) CG Human "Privateer" Captain.

Thanks for the help.