January 17th, 2005

Deity question

I'm trying to make a deity to stick into the Forgotten Realms Pantheon. However, I've run into what seems to be a pretty puzzling rules contradiction. According to Faiths and Pantheons, Deities and Demigods, AND the System Reference Document:

"Most deities (all those with 20 outsider Hit Dice) have a natural armor bonus equal to their divine rank +13."

Now, I perused through the deity entries to check how this works. Here's some examples as they are listed in Faiths and Pantheons:
Mystra: Divine rank 18, natural armor bonus +31 (from 18 + 13 = 31)
Azuth: Divine rank 10, natural armor bonus +23 (from 10 + 13 = 23)
Torm: Divine rank 8, natural armor bonus +21 (from 8 + 13 = 21)
Oghma: Divine rank 16, natural armor bonus +29 (from 16 + 13 = 29)

Anyone see the problem yet? Oghma is the ONLY deity in my list that has outsider hit dice. Mystra, Azuth, and Torm all ascended to godhood from being mortals. They are classified as outsiders, but don't have outsider hit dice listed in their entries. However, the +13 is still being applied to them just as it is for all the other "regular" deities who have 20 outsider hit dice.

Now, if the entry said "All gods who are outsiders and have 20 hit dice get 13 + divine rank as their natural armor bonus" I would understand. But every single source was worded exactly the same way, and seemed to emphasize that 20 of the HD had to be racial outsider hit dice...

Anyone have an answer for this? Am I mistaken about something? If not, comment so I don't feel so alone in my frustration...

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Orcs as player characters

I'm trying to hammer out "better" rules for all the player races and incorporate some new ones - this is part dissatisfaction and part worldbuilding, as I am also in the (very early) stages of writing a campaign setting. I'll leave out all the boring cultural and psychological notes on orcs and get straight to the mechanics, which I am still working on ...

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Can someone help me out?

I don't have access to a 3.5 PHB right now..the books are at a friends place and he's out of town...but was wondering about knowledge skills. I could wait, but I rather not :)

When you use a knowledge skill, say knowledge nature for example, what are the particulars about knowing something of a creature? DC 10+HD?

Is it 5 over the DC for another piece of information? etc etc.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Is it just me or is EVERYONE an ass to the gnome. I'm in a new campaign and I decided to be something different and be a Gnome bard. And so far I hate it not because the character is bad I LOVE MY CHARACTER. I hate it because everyone in the party loves to dick with the gnome. Is this a common thing (Im new to d&d) and whats the best way to get back at them. so far the main members doing this is the human druid and two warforges err!! any advice would be useful.

GNOMES WILL HAVE THERE VENGENCE....(by the way im chaotic good but if i have to change that to get back at them im more than willing gnomes are awesome and they need to be respected lol)

Deity dilemma revisited. Poo.

I thought the question about deity AC posed in my recent post had been a mistake on my part due to a "logic error." (Thanks to plansedragon) But, after I got home from work today I went back and opened up my books to have a look. Then I read this, and while my conclusion hasn't changed, the reasoning has.

"Deities who aren’t outsiders have their normal natural armor bonus + their divine rank." In this sentence, the emphasis is just on the outsider status, not the outsider HD.

My question now is this: are HD that an outsider possesses, even if they are HD from a class, considered "outsider HD?" This doesn't seem quite right to me, but, that does seems to be what they are implying after you take my quoted sentence into account...foxsable hinted at this. I just thought that if a being became an outsider only the racial HD of the being would become outsider HD...

Gah, I still wonder if there is something I don't understand about HD... or was the entry just poorly worded?


OK people, this is for all the aspiring people out there. I have a few major projects to do and I think you all can Help. This will be posted in a few different posts, ssorry for croos posting.

OK, well my main idea for my Statistic Project is to do SOmething around DnD. Maybe something to do with IQ's of players compared to non, etc etc. Can anyone point me in a direction a a website with good stats information on it about DnD players?