January 14th, 2005

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  • jhubert

The Sightseeing Tour - The Finale

The PCs in my group (a trio of good-aligned PCs in the Silver Marches of the Forgotten Realms) have decided to go on a major sightseeing tour - they want to travel to the Endless Ice Sea, a huge glacier to the north of a major mountain chain filled with orcs. Why? "Because the view must be great!"

Anyway, if they should manage to get out of their current troubles (accidentally stumbling into Menzoberranzan - you can read about it here) and actually reach their goal, I want to present them with the following scene:

"You stare from the mountains across the glacier and are dazzled by the light of the reflecting sun. The snow and ice seem to go on forever - to the End of the World."

"Suddenly, the earth shakes! Rubble comes loose, and you see that the ice fields in front of you twist and break. As you try to remain standing, you suddenly notice that in the distance, a large tower - a small fortress, even - seems to emerging from the ice sheet below. After a while, the earthquake stops, and you can see the complex in all its glory..."

Naturally, the PCs will investigate - if I have learned anything about this bunch of PCs, it is that they never learn when it might be a good idea not to go further. So now all I have to do is figure out what this tower actually is.

Who built it, and what for? Is it still inhabited by some manner of creatures, and if so, are they the original inhabitants of the tower? And why did the tower emerge now, after all this time?

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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