January 11th, 2005


cross-posted question

planning something, books not handy, quick question:
what's the favored weapon of a priest of Kord?

and aside from that what do you think of an order of monks who worship Kord? how do you feel about lawful good monks worshipping chaotic good Kord?

Young Adult Black Dragon

For my next session this Sunday, I am running my players through a dragon's lair. I know, very cliche. The group averages 7th level, and we have six people among them plus an additional NPC druid. I'm thinking of pitting them up against a young adult black dragon.

First of all, do you think that is too hard for them? The CR ratings are for 3-5 people, so I picked a slightly higher CR.

Secondly, if someone dies of acid, can they be revived by normal raise dead spells, or does it require something more extravagant? So far, they have known to run before dying, but y'never know, really, and they've put so much effort into their characters' backgrounds, I'd hate to kill one without a chance of revival...but I certainly want the dragon to be a big challenge, as dragons are supposed to be.

Thirdly, if a dragon eats a character (we have a fairy, which is why I ask), do you rule the person completely dead?

Also, would it be feasible for a young adult black dragon and adult green dragon to have neighboring lairs? I read somewhere that these two dragons often form crude alliances. Would they share the same lair? This is relevant to the above topic because NPCs of higher level are supposed to be fighting an adult green dragon while the PCs distract the young adult black dragon ally.

And lastly, any advice on making a unique dragon's lair? Draconomicon has been helping me a lot, but I'm always open to suggestions.
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