January 10th, 2005

(no subject)

First off, this is x-posted. So I’m sorry if this spams you upa bit. I’ll delete it soon enough, though.

Now onto business. How many members of this community have designed their own campaign worlds, or are in the process of designing their own campaign worlds? Take 5 seconds to respond and tell me if you have, or are working on, your own campaign world for D&D. I would love to know if there are many people on LJ who have their own campaign settings/worlds.

I’m starting a forum that focuses on bringing together DM’s who specifically want to focus on world building. There are other areas of the site, naturally, but I would like the general focus to be on world building. It’s a place to get ideas, share your own ideas, share your work, critique others work, and get as much inspiration and feedback as possible.

If enough people post an interest, I’ll toss up the URL :)

Thanks I advance for replying. I appreciate it.