January 9th, 2005

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Bloodlines, are they worth it?

That's one of my questions anyway, should my next character have githzerai/githyanki (I haven't decided which yet) bloodlines or should I not bother? I've looked at both of them in Unearthed Arcana , and though neither aren't anything spectacular, it could be interesting for RP purposes and such instead of playing a githzerai or a githyanki who'd just be killed in the middle of the campaign.

My second question: Are githzerai still destroyed by their wizard-king whn they become too powerful in the Third Edition like they were in the Second Edition? I've looked it up in many places, but have found nothing. I know the githyanki who grow too powerful are still being destroyed by their lich queen in the Third Edition.

All feedback is appreciated, and I apolgize for any spelling mistakes.

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First time being a DM

I'm making my debut as a DM. I already got the beginning of the story and some people who are interested in joining the group.
I'm setting it in a Dragonlance campaign and I am really excited :)
Since this is my first time as a dm, what tips do you have for me?
And does anyone have some creative ideas for some adventures, monsters, quests which I can put into my story later on?

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