January 7th, 2005


looking for links

anyone have any good online resources for city design?

**that is, i mean like a guide to city design or something, not software. i'm making a city for my campaign and i'm at an impasse, i'm looking for ideas.


This covers D&D, D20, Star Wars, and countless other so here it goes.

Have you ever got into a RPG just buy reading the core book in your local bookstore so much you introduce it your group. SOME were for it and SOME were against it, but nevertheless they would like to try it out for broading out the horizons. So, you go off and buy the $30+ corebook and the optional $25+ Monster Manuel. After one or two games no one wants to play it anymore even after they said they really liked the game. If this happened to you in the past, how did you handle it?