January 2nd, 2005


forest gnome

Does anyone have Races of Faerun? If so, what is the general disposition and outlook of forest gnomes? 100 words or less type of description, please. I'm just trying to get a feel for them.

A little help...

Does anybody have, by chance, a .pdf or perhaps word file with the firearms from that issue of Dragon? I had it, but I think somebody borrowed it without asking or telling me (re: stole it) and I'm thinking about using them in a game, but I can't find the issue locally, and I don't feel like paying for it again for a few pages worth of stuff...so if anybody could help me, even with just a quick typed up chart and a few notes (the reload times for example) I'd appreciate it very muchly.

And, no, I'm not stealing, I simply don't feel like paying for something a second time when I could spend that money on something else gaming related that I didn't already pay for. Thanks again.
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before I forget...

We've never had to deal with traps much in our games but the dm has been ousted (long story) and I've been thinking of starting a game. Looking at the CR's for traps....whats it for? to judge the exp. you get from survivoring the trap? (as an old dm told me...don't think this is it) Just to give the DM an idea what traps to use with PC's (as the monsters CR's) Or something else?