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Telflammar Shadowlord Followup

Well, we went ahead with my plan to reform wherever I chose after discorporating.

So, I went into an alleyway in Silverymoon and killed myself off. Single hits of course, so that I could make the save with ease. This left me with 4 HP when I reformed.

I won't get into the details of the events that happened, but leave you with how it finished. Just shows how not everything will work as smoothly as it appears.

DM: "She moves back, speaks a few words and gestures towards you. Make a will save."
Me: *rolls dice* "Oh yay, I fail."
DM: "You feel as though everything has gone rigid and you cannot move. Alustriel grabs her staff and begins quickly casting another spell. Make another will save."
Me: *rolls dice* *facepalms* "Yeesh, the dice hate me tonight."
DM: "She hits you in the head with her staff. She hits you for, heh, four."
Me: "Is it still dark in here?"
DM: "Yep."
Me: *reaches over and grabs d20*
DM: "Not so fast."
Me: "Eh?"
DM: "Four... subdual."

A little part of me died inside.

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