December 17th, 2004


I need a god

1. I'm gonna be running a campaign where humans and dwarves have only one diety they worship. What I'm looking for is a god to fill this role. I would not be opposed to using only one god from a pantheon, perhaps one who was cross pantheon into this world such as Tyr, who is norse as well as Faerunian.

2. Also, I'm running an Undeadless campaign, so I would like to give my clerics some ability to counter their inability to turn undead. I'm not even sure there will be demons, so that's out to. perhaps a weaker ability to breifly "turn" anyone of opposite alignment? That however seems too powerful...

3. There are going to be two types of clerics in the game, Cleric(True) and Cleric (charletan). True clerics will be like the normal ad&d cleric. Charleton clerics ont he other hand will use cleric spells, but their magic will be arcane, not divine. They will have the same spell list as a cleric, but they will essentially be "healing wizards'. They will also need an ability to balance out their lack of ability to turn undead, but it should be nothing relating to what clerics get. Any ideas for alternative powers?

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One more

Is there in existance a race spec sheet for Half-dwarf? I'm using them in my game, and was about to make it up, but if it's already out somewhere.... why not get it there?