December 15th, 2004


Illithids and Gelatinous Cube Delicacy

Two questions.

One: What 3rd edition book can I find the illithid in (which Monster Manual, or is it in the Expanded Psion Handbook), and if there are multiple entries, where are they all located that you know of? Is there any expanded references or other publications that further go into the illithid for 3rd edition? How about the githyanki? Have they released adventures that I don't know about that detail information for these guys that I could use as an extra reference?

Two: Slightly more cooking related, but since the original idea came up and only a gamer would understand what I meant--does anyone have an idea of how I can best make dice float in jello to create a gelantious cube? I have a pound of dice and four boxes of instant jello and a sinking feeling that...well, the dice are going to sink to the bottom. :p

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ok, im hoping to get a lot of responses to this writing a story in the forgotten realms setting and i need characters. can people email me their favorite characters with some description on how i should write them in my story?? my email is so if you send any characters i would be MUCH appreciated. if you want updates also on the story just ask when you email.